Wine Preserved, Beautifully

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eto gives you the freedom to enjoy wine on your time. An elegant decanter with an innovative, patented design that prevents oxidation, preserving your wine until you’re ready for another glass.

  • A man decanting red wine into the eto wine decanter in silver mirror finish


    Decant your bottle into eto to open-up the wine and release its full flavour.

  • A man pouring white wine from the stainless eto wine decanter and preserver into a wine glass


    eto’s long funnel oxygenates the wine, and its sharp pouring lip prevents drips.

  • A hand plunging the copper satin eto wine decanter to preserve wine


    eto’s patented design perfectly seals the wine, preserving its flavour for up to two weeks.

  • Two hands holding and admiring an engraved eto wine decanter and preserver


    Every eto can be made extra-special with our premium engraving service.

  • A copper mirror eto wine decanter with red wine in it beside a stainess mirror wine decanter with white wine in it, beside a glass of red wine

    Quality Guaranteed

    Made from high-quality, durable,
    sustainable materials, eto comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • An eto wine decanter in gift packaging

    The perfect gift

    eto arrives in beautiful packaging, and can be delivered internationally.


eto is a stylish and elegant wine decanter. It is also an innovative product that preserves wine for up to two weeks. The best of two worlds.

Portrait of Tom Cotton, designer of the elegant eto wine decanter


eto was born out of a desire to enjoy a bottle of wine without the pressure of time. In 2012 award-winning designer Tom Cotton set about inventing a decanter that would preserve wine, and also make a beautiful table centrepiece. 12 years on, eto has a Red Dot design award and a global community of loyal fans.

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