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The designer

Tom Cotton is an award-winning British designer and inventor, who’s spent over 20 years bringing products from concept to market. He’s also a wine lover and passionate about protecting the environment. Back in 2011, Tom became interested in designing a product that would reduce wine wastage:

It’s a huge environmental problem. In the UK alone, government figures estimate that 50 million litres of wine are poured down the sink annually – that’s 6.6 million bottles.

Tom realised that the wine preservation products on the market either didn’t work or were hugely expensive.

“My inspiration for eto came after a friend highlighted the method - common amongst wine experts - of transferring leftover wine into a smaller container to minimise the air contact. So some kind of carafe that displaced the air was my starting point. But the eureka moment came when sketching a design that made decanting and pouring easy and was also elegant enough for the table.”

The decanter reinvented

In 2012, after months of further exploration, Tom filed a patent for an innovative design concept that displaced air within a decanter, preventing oxidation and delaying spoilage.

With the next stage came the big challenges. The valve needed developing and industry experts said the precision required for the glass container couldn’t be achieved within the price.

Happily, an Innovate UK government grant allowed Tom to develop eto further. This invaluable support allowed him to build over 60 functioning prototypes, develop a detailed manufacture design and test eto’s effectiveness in the laboratory.

Six years on, eto looks beautiful, preserves wine brilliantly and is easy to use, store and maintain. And because it’s made of the highest quality materials, it’s as durable as it is effective.

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Why the name eto?

It’s a nod to Tom’s proud Welsh roots. eto means ‘again’ in Welsh, which perfectly sums up the joy of being able to enjoy a bottle of great wine – again and again.