Why eto


eto gives you the freedom to enjoy wine on your time. Its innovative, patented design prevents oxidation, to preserve your wine’s full flavour until you’re ready for another glass.

In Master of Wine blind taste tests, laboratory trials and in the homes of wine lovers the world over, eto performs beautifully - enhancing the pleasure of wine drinking and reducing wastage.


Laboratory Tested

eto underwent rigorous testing and re-testing over a 12 month period with a variety of red and white wines. The results were indisputable - eto far out-performed competitor products in preventing oxidation.


Blind taste testing

Blind taste tests with wine experts showed that eto protected the quality of the wine too. 'Master of Wine' Richard Hemming – and writer at JancisRobinson.com – took part in two separate blind taste tests, comparing freshly opened wine with its eto 7 day preserved equivalent.

“On the seventh day ... for me, the results were unanimous: there was no perceptible difference between a freshly opened bottle and the eto-stored sample” Read the full article here.

Wine Director at Honest Grapes, Tom Harrow, agreed “A wine which had been decanted (into eto) seven days beforehand tasted every bit as fresh as a wine which had come from a recently opened bottle. But it also had the added benefits of decanting, in that the wine was breathing ... it was opening up ... it tasted absolutely delicious.”