Three mirror finish eto wine decanters in gold, copper and stainless steel.


eto is a beautiful, award-winning decanter that effectively preserves your wine. Its airtight seal and fridge friendly design means that you can protect your opened bottle from all three of wine’s enemies – oxygen, light and heat – for up to two weeks.


Blind taste tests with independent wine experts – including Master of Wine Richard Hemming and renowned wine experts Tom Harrow and Matthew Jukes – confirm that wine preserved in eto maintains its original quality.

Hemming reported, "On the seventh day, there was no perceptible difference between a freshly opened bottle and the eto-stored sample." Read the full article here.

Harrow said, “A wine which had been decanted (into eto) seven days beforehand tasted every bit as fresh as a wine which had come from a recently opened bottle. But it also had the added benefits of decanting... it tasted absolutely delicious.”

“An absolutely fantastic decanter which goes back to the first principles of minimising air contact beautifully.”

Matthew Jukes, Wine Writer

Chart showing the eto wine preservation system as tested by Bangor University against alternative wine preservation systems


eto underwent rigorous testing and re-testing with a wide variety of red and white wines at Bangor University over a 12-month period. The results showed that Eto clearly out-performed competitor products in preventing oxidation.

A woman in a blue button up dress shirt holding two glasses of wine and a brass satin eto wine decanter


eto is made from borosilicate glass and high-grade stainless steel, and all its materials are durable, BPA free and sustainable. eto is also practical. It fits inside a fridge door, the parts are easy to assemble, and the sharp lip gives you drip-free pouring.

Woman reading a magazine with a plate of crisps and a glass of white wine and eto wine decanter


eto is a beautiful wine decanter. Its sleek lines and timeless design – coupled with its impressive range of six different finishes – means that eto complements both classic and contemporary settings, and looks stunning on every table.

A glass of white wine on wooden bench beside a magazine with a small bowl on it


eto helps to avoid waste by preserving your leftover wine for another day, which is good for the environment, and saves you money. eto doesn’t rely on single-use consumables to preserve your wine, and its build quality means it lasts a lifetime.

A stainless mirror eto wine decanter containing red wine beside a brass eto wine decanter with white wine on a wooden table


Oxygen from the air starts oxidising wine as soon as the bottle is opened. By creating a seal between the wine and air, eto extends the lifetime of your wine for up to 2 weeks. But every wine is different, and the exact length of time depends on the wine’s age, style, grape variety, wine making method, as well as how you decant and store it.