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eto Christmas Gift Guide 2023


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Inspiring gift ideas for the festive season 

Lifting Christmas spirits 

December has arrived and the festive season is in full swing. Sparkling decorations, delicious smells of cinnamon and pine needles, classic Christmas tunes, and everyone getting excited about catching up with family and friends. But if you're anything like us, there might be something left to do on your to-do list before you can relax for the holidays... Christmas shopping. 

Luckily we've done the hard work for you, searching far and wide for interesting and distinctive gifting inspiration. From a treasure trove of Sofia Coppola's highlights to recusing imperfect plants. Have a look at our recommendations here, and you may have your Christmas present shopping wrapped up sooner than you think. 

Gifts for creatives 

Leica SOFORT 2 

A new generation of cameras. The Leica SOFORT is a hybrid instant camera with digital capability that offers the best from both photography worlds. It has a sleek design that showcases the Leica craftsmanship, and many different modes and settings that will impress any photography enthusiast. 

Sofia Coppola Archive

A stunning 488-page tome stepping through the career of one of the world's most influential filmmakers. The art book takes the read through a visual journey of Sofia Coppola's work - from Lost in Translation to Marie Antoinette - with personal edits and annotations throughout. This would make a very special gift for any Coppola fan. 

Studio Sebastian Marbacher

Distinctive and eye-catching salt and pepper mills. Made locally in Switzerland from certified domestic ash, these everyday items are elevated by the vision of the artist. They have a contemporary, fun aesthetic and are available in different colours. 

Limited Edition Poster - Sunday in New York by Mucha Ihnatowicz

A vintage Polish poster design by female artist Mucha Ihnatowicz. Designed in 1967 as a film poster for the American romantic comedy Sunday in New York starring Jane Fonda and Rob Taylor, it is colourful and fun with a painterly style. It is a limited edition with 200 copies produced. 

Gifts for rejuvenation 

Pelegrims Antioxidant Bath Salt

Magnesium-rich bath salts with extracts of Pinot Noir grape. With sustainability at the heart of their business, Pelegrims creates rejuvenating formulation from the waste products of the wine making process - partnering with Westwell Wines in Kent. Scented with figs, rosemary and amber, these bath salts are linked with lowering inflammation and stress and boosting skin moisture. 

Norfolk Coastal Walks Parfum 

Handmade everyday perfume inspired by the coastal scents of Norfolk. With bergamot, lemon, jasmine, pine needle patchouli and cedarwood, this perfume has all the mesmerising scents of pine trees, sand dunes and fresh sea air. Norfolk Natural Living is an independent business creating high-quality products ethically and sustainably. 

Studio Nicholson Pyjamas 

Pyjamas you can open your front door wearing. This range of unisex pyjamas by Studio Nicholson are stylish, comfortable and beautifully tailored from high-quality Italian cotton. And as they are cut from the material left over from the designer's shirt-making process, they are also sustainable and support the ambition to minimise waste. 

Houseplant Rescue 

Give an imperfect plant some love. Many of us are happy to save a wonky vegetable, and now RHS gold medal winner and author Sarah Gerrard-Jones is inviting those with green fingers to do the same for plants that are destined to be thrown out. Via her website, you can buy a plant rescue box from a range of stockists. The price is heavily discounted, while the feelgood factor is much enhanced. 

Gifts for entertaining 

The Flavour Thesaurus

A fascinating guide for every foodie. Within four themes of Meaty, Cheesy, Woodland, and Floral Fruity, The Flavour Thesaurus lists 99 popular ingredients and explores which flavours they are best paired with. There are classics like chocolate and chilli, and surprises such as blueberry and mushroom. The Sunday Times sums it up well as a "deceptively simple little masterpiece". 

ester & erik

Self-standing hand-dripped cone candles. ester and Erik began making cone candles for festive wreaths, but their popularity soon grew as people were drawn to their elegant shape and versatility. Produced in Denmark, the candles are made from the purest quality wax and all-natural ingredients, and there is a range of over 90 different colours to choose from. 

Aaron Probyn's Everyday Wine Glass 

Wine glasses with striking geometric form. The Juniper sculptural glassware range is cleverly designed with a strong graphic form that creates an intriguing silhouette on the dining table. But the wine glasses are also highly functional, enhancing the aroma and flavour of the wine. The range also includes tumblers, highball glasses, and sparkling wine glasses. 

eto Wine Decanter

And we couldn't create a Christmas Gift Guide without mentioning eto. It has the wow factor of quality and elegance, and the lifelong gift of freedom to enjoy your favourite wine at your own pace. With a choice of 7 different finishes, and the option to personalise, we think eto makes a really special Christmas present for wine enthusiasts.