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July Tasting Notes


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At the eto studio, we delight in discussing everything from movies and books to our latest favourite wines and dishes. Dive into the experience of relishing these with us. Enjoy a glass of wine and explore some ideas for the month's Tasting Notes.


Chillable Cabernet Francs from Loire

2020 St Nicolas de Borgueil, Frédéric

It’s enjoyable for its pure expression of Cabernet Franc, featuring charming red-black fruit flavours, juicy and succulent palate and versatile food-pairing ability. All achieved through minimal intervention wine making using organic grapes.

2021 Bourgueil, Domaine du Bel Air

A delightful combination of juicy red and dark berry flavours, crisp acidity and an intriguing depth with earthy spice and flora notes.

2022 Saumur Rouge, Arnaud Lambert

The perfumed and complex profile offers a delicate yet juicy expression of Cabernet Franc with inviting cherry notes, mineral touches and floral aromas.

A Tuscan Surprise

2021 Camigliona LU Sauvignon Blanc

A chemical-free wild child from 20+ year vines. Three days on skin for texture, steel-aged for purity. Not quite orange, but far from ordinary.

2021 "Terre Di Tufi" Toscana Bianco IGT

This white super Tuscan blends native Vernaccia and Trebbiano, aged to perfection. It's a taste of San Gimigano's medieval magic with a modern twist.

2022 Planeta Chardonnay

An organic gem that blends peaty notes with honey-kissed fruit flavours, offering a sip of the island's diverse terroir. It was also Julius Caesar's favourite.


Classic Grill Recipes

Go to any food court in Southeast Asia and you’ll be greeted by the sweet smoky aromas of satay being grilled on charcoal. Try this at-home recipe from Mandy Yin and serve it alongside peanut sauce, fresh cucumber slices and sticky rice cubes. The Cuban-inspired marinated chicken grilled flat on a griddle gives it a crispy skin with zesty flavours. And for those in the mood for seafood, the lemon-stuffed branzino is a must-try.

Summery Sweets

“Peppery” is a common wine-tasting note, so why not give this peppered white wine slushy a go? Shrikhand is an incredibly dreamy and easy Indian dessert. The saffron and cardamom-infused yoghurt is the perfect make-ahead dish in the summer. And for something more indulgent, but deliciously light, try the tres leches (meaning “three milks” in Spanish) cake.


Another Ball Please

The Paris 2024 Olympics opening ceremony kicks off at 8:24 pm CEST on July 26th 2024, it’s a first in Olympic history in that it won’t be held at a stadium. Instead, it’s taking place along the banks of the River Seine, opposite the Eiffel Tower. Our famous SW19 neighbours are currently hosting the Wimbledon Championships, so don’t forget to indulge in some double cream over strawberries with a glass of Chardonnay while you enjoy the games. And don’t miss the Euros final, where football dreams and national pride collide.

Latest Releases

Yorgo Lanthimos’ latest cinematic offering , ‘Kinds of Kindness’ is a ‘triptych fable’ that blends a a trio of surreal stories. It's both funny and unsettling - perfect for those seeking a taste of the extraordinary. A feast of culinary star power, from Daniel Boulud to René Redzepi, "The Bear" peppers in cameos that add authenticity to Carmy's journey by seamlessly integrating these real-life icons that are sure to satisfy both foodies and drama enthusiasts alike.


All Fired Up

Surround yourself with Scotland’s wild beauty at Wild Kabn Kitchen. This unique outdoor fine dining experience connects diners with nature while Hamer’s Michelin-trained expertise elevates campfire cooking with locally foraged ingredients. Lisbon’s Fogo is both primal and sophisticated - from starters to desserts, the meals are passed through grills, open flames and iron pots.  Architecture studio Spacemen designed the Bar Kar restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to resemble the traditional earth ovens used to cook and smoke food in the ground, centred around open-flame cooking with local flavours.

Fantastique French Fare

Legendary Paris restaurateur and natural wine advocate Pierre Jancou, has announced that after 33 years in the service this summer will be his last hurrah in the industry at Café des Sports. Inspired by bouchons in Lyon and bistros in Paris, Bouchon Racine in London’s Farringdon serves up a flight of Gallic bistro feat and a well-priced French-led wine list. It’ll leave you dizzy with delight - and that’s not just the Armagnac talking. A Parisian dream in Surrey Hills, Sydney, Armorica Grand Brasserie is a beauty serving up French classics with Aussie flair. Sip a glass of their Provence rosé and savour the octopus roulade and don’t miss out on their chocolate bar.



The Art of the Olympics at the Gagosian in Paris features artworks in various mediums exploring sport’s rich cultural, social and emotional tapestry. From quirky paper soaps to toothpaste that’s more artwork than oral care, Officine Universelle Buly is a sensory feast wrapped in exquisite packaging. It’s the kind of place that makes online shopping feel as flat as day-old champagne.

Jazz Live Bar

La Gare is a converted train station in Paris, where local jazz artists play in the station’s old hall to a small intimate crowd - but be aware that you may be called out for talking louder than a whisper! Night Tales Loft overlooks the East London skyline and every Wednesday a group of musicians gather for an evening of improvised music. Tomi Jazz is a speakeasy-style Japanese bar in New York that plays live music nightly and offers izakaya fare.