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The eto gift guide 2022


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It’s that time of year again. Twinkling lights, steaming mulled wine, bustling markets, wine-fuelled feasts…and the inevitable headache of finding the perfect gift for everyone in your life.

Each year, we tell ourselves this festive season will be different. We’ll get all the shopping out of the way by November, every perfectly-selected item bundled up in glossy wrapping paper and neatly tucked away for the big day. But we all know that never happens. So if you find your heart rate picking up at the idea of tackling it all, fear not. Here at eto, we think gifting can be one of the greatest pleasures of the festive season. All you need is the right inspiration. Look no further than this hand-picked collection of (frankly, perfect) gifts, from life-hacking gadgets and wellness treats to design pieces for life. Don’t worry, you can pretend you came up with them all by yourself. Your secret’s safe with us.

 Miyelle Ceramics Neutral Beige Handmade Mugs with Black sculptural stoneware vase

 Miyelle Sculptural Mugs and Cur-vase-ous Vase

Miyelle Ceramics

Based in Stoke Newington, Miyelle is a self-taught ceramicist whose earthy, organic pieces have been making waves recently. Her ‘2 Hot 2 Handle’ mugs are usually sold out, as are her beautiful ‘Plaits and Dat’ cups. While these are her signature pieces, take a look at her website to find everything from wavy, voluptuous vases and lamp stands to earthenware earrings, all made by hand and celebrating natural materials. The perfect gift for the design lover - or anyone who enjoys a good looking cup of coffee in the morning.

 HAY Pao Portable lamp black white in a neutral bedroom with blue linen bedsheets

 HAY Pao Portable Lamp in Black and White Finishes

HAY Pao Portable Lamp

We’re big fans of anything by HAY. They have a way of elevating useful, everyday objects into collectable art pieces. And in a home filled with such objects, there is simply no place for finicky wires. Enter their cordless lamp. With a nod (perhaps) to the iconic Murano mushroom, this sleek lamp has an organic, soft shape that slots well into most interiors. It comes in red, white and black - which goes rather perfectly with our new Graphite Steel eto decanter. These lamps cast a lovely gentle glow, apparently inspired by Mongolian Pao tents by night, and are lightweight enough to be taken anywhere.

Anatome relax and sleep bath salts made from himalayan pink salt

 Anatomē Reset, Relax + Sleep Supplement and Bath Salts

Anatomē Relax + Sleep Himalayan Bath Salts

Anatomē is a ‘modern apothecary’ giving classic wellness remedies a 21st-century update. If you know anyone in need of a little reset, this may just be the perfect gift. These jewel-like natural salts have been poured into a glass jar, enriched with an organic blend of sage, chamomile, lavender and blue cornflower petals. Carefully formulated to calm the mind after a busy day and prepare the body for the kind of deep, replenishing sleep that can be hard to find in this hectic world.

eto wine decanter in stainless steel mirror finish graphite eto christmas dinner red wine

 eto Wine Decanter in Stainless mirror and Graphite steel satin 

eto Wine Decanter (naturally)

Call us biased, but no Christmas gift list would be complete without an eto decanter. Your loved ones will no doubt be sipping plenty of top quality wine this festive season. They can enjoy a glass or two and keep the rest of the bottle perfectly preserved with our award-winning, patented system. Our elegant decanters are designed not only to retain the quality of wine, but to elevate the home, and are available in copper, silver or gold with a choice of satin or mirror finishes. As for gifting, each one can be personalised with a short message or monogram.

 cobalt blue made to order limited edition paynter jacket

Paynter Jacket Batch no 3.5 

Paynter Jacket

Paynter makes their jackets in small, limited edition batches. Each one is a take on an iconic style, and they make everything to order to guarantee zero waste. They are designed in East London before being crafted in a family-run factory in Northern Portugal, complete with illustrated labels inside that tell the story of each drop. Sustainable, ultra-versatile jackets that are both a wardrobe staple and a stand against the fashion industry. The perfect gift indeed.

iconic smart roberts radio revival istream 3L lifestyle living room in black midnight blue

Roberts Radio Revival iStream 3

Roberts Radio

There is no room that can’t be improved with a radio. And no one makes them better than Roberts. They have been crafted with love in the UK since 1932, blending classic, nostalgic design with innovative technology. Their famous Revival range was first launched in 1956, supposedly modeled on Harry Roberts’ wife’s handbag, and still comes with a handmade wooden cabinet and gold accents. Their latest ones are complete with Bluetooth connectivity, smart radio and built-in Spotify, and come in a joyful range of colours.

an other perfume clean Italian glass bottle

A.N Other Perfume WF/2020

A.N Other Perfume

A.N Other’s award-winning perfumes are here to shake up the industry. They are made with clean, sustainable ingredients with zero dyes, parabens or toxins. Each modern, gender neutral fragrance comes in an Italian glass bottle, with a magnetic cap made from plant-based resin. Choosing from their range of sumptuous, unique fragrances can be tricky - but you can’t really go wrong either.

Molly Baz Cook This Book Cookbook Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Tepeat

Cook This Book by Molly Baz

Cook This Book by Molly Baz

There are endless cookbooks to choose from out there. But Cook this Book by Bon Appetit writer and ultimate New York home cook Molly Baz is the one we come back to over and over again. She is famed for her modern takes on low-key classics like caesar salad (or ‘cae sal’, as she calls it), roast chicken and deceptively simple pastas. This book arms you with all the tools to become a seasoned home cook and excellent host - no matter how small your kitchen is. It includes recipes you’ll repeat constantly and plenty of handy techniques, all written in Molly’s famously playful, crystal clear voice.

 Midnight Blue Wide Strapless Sleep Mask Silk Blackout Padded Dusy Gold

Drowsy Silk Eye Mask in Dusty Gold and Midnight Blue 

Drowsy Silk Eye Mask

There are two types of people in this world; those who nap, and those who do not. If you have friends or family in the former camp, this is the gift you’ve been searching for. These innovative sleep masks are made using sumptuous silk in colours like Tuscan Kiss and Midnight Blue. Their cloud-like, padded cushion technology blocks out 100% of light and muffles sound, wrapping around the face like a silky hug. The amino acids in the silk retain moisture in the skin, while the smooth surface reduces hair breakage. Afternoon kips have never felt more luxurious.

Urbanista Los Angeles wireless headphones

 Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones in Midnight Black and Sand Gold 

Urbanista Los Angeles Headphones

Music is a constant in the eto Studio. Which is why these Urbanista Los Angeles self-charging wireless headphones are on our list this year. Using advanced green technology, they convert light, outdoor and indoor, into energy to deliver virtually infinite playtime. Super easy to use, you won’t ever need to worry about those annoying charging wires. They look super sleek too.

Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew in Titanium

Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew in Titanium

Campagnolo Corkscrew

Go big or go home. This Campagnolo BIG Corkscrew really makes a statement. A favourite amongst wine and design enthusiast, the new titanium finish is sure to make a great gift. This whopper of a corkscrew combines form and function. It’s designed so that the screw self-centres on the cork, ensuring optimal extraction every time. 

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