eto inventor Tom Cotton sketching designs for the eto wine decanter


eto’s story began in 2012. While raising a young family, Tom Cotton and his wife found themselves pouring leftover weekend wine away. Wanting to preserve their wine instead, Tom discovered that the only existing preservation options were either ineffective or reliant on single-use consumables. With 20 years of product design experience, Tom felt there must be a better way.


Tom’s early inspiration for eto was discovering that wine experts routinely transfer leftover wine into a smaller container to minimise air contact. His vision began as a carafe that displaced air, and this grew into a eureka moment when he sketched a design that brought together decanting, pouring and preserving with elegance.


Five years and 60 prototypes later, Tom had an invention that worked. Scientists at Bangor University monitored oxygen levels for a range of wines in the lab, and renowned wine experts ran blind taste tests. The results were unambiguous. The decanter preserved wine brilliantly. Tom was also granted a patent globally, and the eto team grew to two.


eto was introduced to the world via the crowd-funding site Kickstarter and the response was incredible. eto is still one of their most successful product campaigns, reaching its initial funding target in just 32 hours and gaining almost 20,000 backers in total. It was the perfect start. eto orders began arriving in 2019, along with a swathe of new customers.

UK households throw the equivalent of 624 million bottles of wine down the drain each year.


Today, there is a global community of eto users in over 100 countries. eto was selected as one of 12 Brands of Tomorrow by Walpole, the official body for British luxury products, and won a Red Dot design award. With a range that has grown to six finishes, we continue to serve and inspire new eto customers, and are excited for what the future holds.


The name eto was chosen because it means ‘again’ in Welsh. It is both a nod to Tom’s proud Welsh roots and a recognition of eto’s core talents. eto allows you to enjoy the same bottle of wine again and again. And its sustainable, high-quality materials mean that you can use eto for a lifetime.