How Does eto Work?

When you open a bottle of wine, oxygen from the air starts oxidising the wine. Over
time, this will spoil the wine. eto's unique, patented preservation system
creates a seal between the wine and the air, reducing your wine’s exposure to
oxygen, and slowing down the oxidation process – protecting the quality of your
wine for longer.

How Long Will Wine Keep In eto?

eto keeps your wine for up to 2 weeks.  

Every wine is different, so the exact length of time depends on the wine’s age, style, grape variety, the wine-making method, how vigorously you decant etc.  

Wine keeps for longer stored in a cool dark place 

Can I store sparkling wine in my eto? 

No you can’t keep sparkling wine in eto because the pressure build up is too much.  eto has been designed for all still wines including fortified wines.

Are the materials used in eto food safe? 

All materials are food approved, certified compliant with LFGB standards and are also BPA free.


I want to give eto as a gift, can you help? 

No problem you can add your gift message during the checkout process.  

We can send your order to an address of your choice – just enter it as the “shipping address” at checkout. However please note that if delivering outside the UK some pricing information may be attached to the parcel in the documents wallet, for customs clearance.  

Please also note that our prices exclude duties and taxes outside the UK & EU and if the value of your gift exceeds duty-free import thresholds in the recipient's country they may be asked to pay duties/taxes. You can usually avoid them being contacted about this by entering your own email and phone number in the shipping contact details. 

If you are waiting for eto to reach your recipient, you can also print our gift note here.  


Can I buy eto in store? 

Part of the eto selection is available in select retailers in the UK and USA 

For the full range, for opportunities to personalise and in most other countries eto is available exclusively on this website.

Please also sign up to the newsletter to be kept up to date with news about eto. 


How do I get an offer code? 

If you subscribe to our newsletter we will share a code for you to use on your first purchase

How do I use my offer code? / My code didn’t work. 

Our discount codes must be applied at the “shipping details” stage of checkout right after you click “Secure checkout”. If you are on a smartphone please look for the dropdown arrow at this stage next to “show order summary”. 

These are limited time codes so please use them soon after you are sent them. 

We’re sorry but per our terms and conditions we cannot apply codes after you’ve checked out, or after the code has expired. 


Where do you ship to, how long does it take and what does it cost? 

We ship to most countries worldwide. Shipping price and time varies according to destination. The relevant price will appear during checkout. Please see our Shipping page for more details

Tracking my order.

Please check your shipping confirmation email. You will have received a tracking number in it, and you can click on that number for more information. 

Once shipped, you should also receive updates from FedEx ,  DPD or DHL via email or SMS please keep an eye out for these. 

If you are waiting for eto to reach a gift recipient, you can also print our gift message here.  

For other details about estimated shipping times and what to do if there’s a problem. Please see our delivery and returns policy.  

Can I return or exchange eto? 

We have a 30 day return/ exchange policy on all UNUSED eto decanters. All return shipping costs are to be borne by the customer.  Please see our full policy here 

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