Warranty terms & conditions

We offer a warranty against defects in materials and manufacturer’s defects for a period of 1 year after purchase of a new eto or receipt of a new eto as a gift. This warranty automatically applies to purchases made through etowine.com (the Site) or from an authorized reseller with effect from 23 October 2019.

You can extend this to a lifetime warranty here within 30 days of purchase of a new eto or receipt of a new eto as a gift.

What is covered

We will cover repair or replacement of the product or component.

How to make a warranty claim

If you have a warranty claim, we will work with you to find the right solution to the problem you have encountered. Please contact hello@etowine.com with the following information:

  • Proof of purchase i.e. your purchase receipt, or your order confirmation number, or if you are registered for a lifetime warranty your name and the email address you used to register it.
  • A description of the defect and details of when it was first noted.
  • A photograph or video of the item which illustrates the issue.
  • We do not accept liability for any items returned to us without prior notification so please do not return products to us without contacting us first.

    Please also note that we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage in transit. Please ensure products are carefully packaged and sent using a tracked service.

    What is not covered

    We will not cover:

  • Standard wear and tear, and accidental damage.
  • Defects caused by the assembly or use of the product not in accordance with the User Guide supplied with your eto and available on the Site.
  • Damage to Glass bases except in the following circumstances: you receive your order and find that the glass is chipped or cracked, or your product has broken somewhere between dispatch and delivery. In that case, we will replace the glass free of charge if you notify us within ten working days of receipt (please take a photo of the eto and the cardboard box it came in).
  • Product purchased from an unauthorised reseller
  • Any consequential losses financial or otherwise, or any loss over and above the purchase price of the original item.
  • General


  • You may have additional rights under local consumer law. This limited warranty does not affect such rights.
  • The automatic warranty will commence on the date of purchase and will expire 1 calendar year later.
  • The lifetime warranty period will commence from the date of registration, for the life of the initial registered person. You have 90 days from the date of purchase or receipt (if a gift) to register your product and qualify for the lifetime warranty.
  • We reserve the right to offer a replacement product in lieu of a repair. The replacement may be a new or repaired item. A repaired or replaced product will continue the original warranty period.
  • You may be required to pay any costs of returning the product to eto, the retailer or dealer from whom the product was purchased. If we subsequently confirm that the returned products contain defects attributable to us, the reasonable costs of re-delivery incurred by you will be refunded. We will pay the cost of delivering any repaired or replaced product back to you.
  • We shall not be liable for any interruption to this warranty whether due to force majeure or other factors beyond our control.
  • We reserve the right, acting reasonably and in accordance with all relevant legislation and codes of practice, to vary the terms and conditions of this warranty, in whole or part without prior notice or compensation. Any changes to the warranty conditions will be posted to the Site and will take effect immediately.
  • These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales and come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.
  • The decision of eto in respect of this warranty is final.